What happens in our classes?

Sometimes coming along to a class or any experience you’ve never done before can be a little daunting. I thought I’d give you a little run down about what happens during our classes so you feel confident to come along to any class.

Our classes begin at 10am. The doors open at 9:45 for you to come in, grab a seat and I’ll stick the kettle on. We all have a good gossip and chit chat while everyone comes in. Once everyone has arrived we get cracking on our day. The studio is always set up with everything you need for your day. You don’t need to being anything with you, just an apron if you have one.

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Depending on the class, we begin with making flowers or prepping the cake. Colour schemes are always a big discussion too. Actually one of the most important decisions of the day! Everything is explained in lots of detail so you never need to worry about whether you have done the technique before or if its new skills. You are always welcome to ask me any questions you have thorough the day. I am always on hand if you need help with anything. You will also receive a full set of notes of your class which you are welcome to write any extra info on them. I always have pens available, mainly pink ones!

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We have a little lunch break where we eat, drink and chat some more. Mainly following all the new found cake pages on Facebook and Instagram. Next, we continue working on some gorgeous decorations and cakes until the class is all done. At the end of the class, I love to take lots of photographs of your creations.

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You’ll pop your cake on our table and take as many photos as you like using our gorgeous flower backdrop. Sometime we take group photos. Sometimes I take sneaky photos too! Then you’ll box up your cakes, gather up your extra bits, notes etc and get yourself home leaving all the tidying up to me. Isn’t that the best bit.

We like everyone to feel part of the BDB family and everyone is always made to feel incredibly welcome on our classes. Learning new skills can be exciting but scary so we are always on hand to help with anything, during and after the class.

Dani xx



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