[Tutorial] Why do cases come away from my cupcakes?

This is the single most often asked question in our Cupcakes Start to Finish Class, so we thought we’d try to shed a little bit of light onto the matter for our Tuesday Tutorial this week.

Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer to this question. Some people swear it’s one thing or another, but we’ve taught over 3,000 students and opinion is completely split on why and when this happens to people.

In our opinion, the cases don’t make a great deal of difference – as long as they are decent quality and stiff enough to keep their shape and not go greasy. (Like our fabulous cases for example! Quick plug – you can find them here!) Often people use the same brand or batch of cases and some say their cakes were perfect and some are cursing them.

We’ve baked about 50,000 cupcakes over the last few years, and here are what we consider to be the 4 main causes of the problem…

1. Storing baked cupcakes in plastic or sealed containers. This almost ALWAYS causes the cases to come away as the cakes ‘sweat’. Store baked cases in cardboard cupcake boxes or if you must store them in plastic boxes, sit them onto kitchen towel or clean tea towels (so they aren’t touching the plastic) and leave the lid ajar.

2. Over beating the cake batter. This depends on which recipe you use, but for the recipe we teach in our Cupcakes Start to Finish Class, it needs to be beaten so briefly our students can hardly believe it. When you beat cake mixture, working the flour in them can cause them to get tougher when cooked. This obviously makes them not as nice to eat, but it also makes them contract away from the case.

3. Not putting enough cake mixture into the case. If you don’t fill the cases about two thirds full, there just isn’t enough cake to grip the case. Simple!

4. Fat content is too high. If you use a recipe that has quite a lot of butter this can also cause the cases to come away, as the mixture is just too greasy to hold onto the case. It is important to have enough fat in the batter to keep your cupcakes moist and rich though – we think we’ve found the perfect balance in our Cupcakes Start to Finish recipe, with just the right combination of butter and milk!

What do you think? Do you agree? We’d love to know what makes you think makes your cases stick or sag!


The BDB Gurus x



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