Tuesday Tutorial – Using Sugarcraft Moulds

One of the questions we get asked a lot is how to use our moulds, including what paste to use. So we thought we show you a step-by-step guide!

We recommend you use sugar paste mixed with CMC powder, which gives it a firmer consistency than sugar paste alone. To save turning our hands red with gel colour (!) we’ve used ready coloured sugar paste today and will be mixing it with CMC powder.

We’re making roses for the tutorial today but you can apply it to any of our moulds!

What you’ll need…

Red sugar paste
CMC Powder
Rose mould
Angled palette knife

1. Mix some CMC powder into your red sugar paste (roughly 1tsp CMC to every 250g sugar paste), working it with your hands until the powder is incorporated and you feel the paste start to stiffen up a little.

2. Put your paste to one side and, using your finger, brush Trex all around the inside of the mould, making sure to get it into all those nooks and crannies!

3. Now take your sugar paste and push firmly into the mould. Fold the paste in on its self over and over again, to make doubly sure you reach all the crevices of the mould.

4. When you’re sure the paste is in as far as it will go, make a neat bottom for your rose by gently scraping away the excess sugar paste with your palette knife from the centre outwards. Once removed use your finger to smooth the sugar paste left in the mould. (This step can be missed out if placing the rose in deeper buttercream).

5. To release the rose, place both thumbs in the centre at the back of the mould, and pull back the top outer edges gently working around the edge of the mould if necessary, until the rose is is freed.

6. Leave to dry overnight.

7. Use to give your cupcakes that perfect finishing touch! We piped a classic buttercream swirl and simply added the rose to the top. Lovely!


Jenny x



5 Responses to Tuesday Tutorial – Using Sugarcraft Moulds

  1. Thank you so much for this, some of my moulds are easy to use but others are impossible, hopefully now I can use them without any hassle x

  2. Hi
    I bought one, I used it, but used cornflour to dust on top of the mould, and after I dried it turned yellow-ish?
    What’s wrong?

    Thank You

    • Hi Lina, was it one of our moulds? We don’t use cornflour with moulds as it can lessen the colour of the paste. We recommend white vegetable fat. Hope that helps.

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