Tuesday Tutorial – Union Jack Jubilee Cupcake Flags

This week we’re giving you all an early Jubilee present! If you’re itching to get started on your Jubilee designs, then here’s something you can prepare right now! We’re drawing on a previous blog and tweaking it to give you perfect Union Jack Jubilee Flags, which can be made, and sit waiting patiently til the big day.

What you’ll need…
The BDB Jubilee Flag Template, to download click here… Union Jack Flags
White card & Colour Printer
Cocktail Sticks
Cupcake with Buttercream Swirl and Sprinkles (Piped using a 1M nozzle)

1. Print out your Union Jack Flags Template on white card

2. Carefully cut out your flags – don’t worry about the black line on the triangle, this will be hidden when finished

3. Fold over the triangle, place a cocktail stick in the crease (so the pointy top is below the top of the flag) and sellotape into place

4. Insert into cupcake. Simple yet oh so majestic!

We’ll be back next week with more Jubilee ideas, but until then, happy flag making!

Jenny x



3 Responses to Tuesday Tutorial – Union Jack Jubilee Cupcake Flags

  1. Jenny thanks so much looked everywhere for cupcake flags but to no avail – all sold out!! I shall enjoy making them instead 🙂

    Best wishes Amanda x

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