Tuesday Tutorial – Tweeting for Cake Fans and Cupcake Businesses

Do you tweet? Have no idea what Twitter is? We use Twitter for business and we love it. So, for today’s Tuesday Tutorial we thought we’d give you a little introduction. It’s relevant if you’re a cake baker for fun or if you’re running a cake business.

Twitter is essentially just millions of people posting messages which are 140 characters long. You can follow anyone you’re remotely interested in (not like Facebook where you’re normally real life friends too). In your timeline you’ll see posts from any of the people you follow. Twitter names are normally always preceeded by an @ sign. When someone mentions your nickname with an @ sign in front, you’ll see this directly, so you can see they’ve been talking about you and this is also a way of sending (public) messages to one person.

So, you could follow @marksandspencer, @nextofficial, @bodenclothing, and @Topshop and all most of the tweets you’d see would be about clothes. Or you could follow @ocadoUK, @Sainsburys, @Asda and @Morrisons for all the latest supermarket offers.

To see all your different tweets neatly put into columns, we use a free program called Tweetdeck, which we think if fab. It shows you the tweets of everyone you follow in one column, the tweets where someone has mentioned your name in another and any private messages in another. Very simple!

Listening to what the people you follow say is only half the story. When people have a go at using Twitter and they think it’s rubbish, it’s generally because that’s what they’ve been doing. What fun is a one sided conversation?! Twitter is no good if you don’t use it and interact. So, when @marksandspencer ask “How are you celebrating Christmas this year?”.. Answer them! For example you could say “@marksandspencer I’m going to be sitting in my Rudolph jumper eating brussell sprouts.” Not everyone will reply, but it’s how your start conversations and meet people through Twitter.

Ok, now you’re wondering, what the buttercream has this got to do with cake? Well, there are millions or amazing, knowledgeable and friendly cake bakers and businesses on Twitter, making it a great resource for learning, networking, asking for help with baking problems and being inspired. This applies if you’re starting a cake business or just love baking. It’s quick and easy to use. But remember, if you do sign up; join in, don’t just watch!

To get you started, here are some of our Twitter friends who have all been to our classes. Follow them and introduce yourself!


Do come and say hello to us if you sign up!

Sarah x



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