Tuesday Tutorial – Sugar Ribbon Heart

National Marriage Week is fast approaching (7th-14th February), closely followed by Valentine’s day, and did you know its traditional for women to propose to their man in a leap year? According to Irish legend, St Bridget struck a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men every 4 years. This is said to have been agreed on in order to balance male and female roles, much the same way the leap day is intended to balance the calendar. If however, the proposal was refused, the male was expected to buy the woman many pairs of gloves in order to hide the shame of her not having an engagement ring.

We feel we’ve moved on (just a bit) from this so if you’re planning on proposing, not proposing, being proposed to, not being proposed to, it really hasn’t crossed your mind, or you couldn’t imagine anything worse, forget the gloves and the ring and lets all just make and eat beautiful cakes instead and if it happens, it happens, we’ll deal with it then!

What you’ll need…
Non-Stick Smooth Rolling Mat
Rolling Pin
Florist Paste (Or sugar paste mixed with CMC Powder)
Ruler (30cm)
Cutting Wheel and/or Quilt Design Wheel
Heart/Arum Lily Cutter (Small)
Glitter & Brush (Optional)
Cupcake covered with sugar paste or piped with swirl

1. Roll out a piece of florist paste, making it very long and very thin. Using the cutting wheel and ruler cut the paste to length of the ruler. Then cut a thin strip for your ribbon.

2. Using the quilting wheel carefully run it down each side of the ribbon, to create a stitched effect.
3. Take the small heart cutter and use the point to cut a triangle into each end of the ribbon.

4. With the stitching facing upwards fold the ribbon in half to make a good crease.

5.Then unfold and start to shape the heart, crossing the ribbon at the point and twisting to create a whimsical finish!

6. Leave to dry overnight and place on your cupcake.


Jenny x



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