Tuesday Tutorial – Olympic Torch Cupcakes

In celebration of the Olympic torch making its merry way around the UK, we’ve been inspired to make a cupcake in its honour! (I’m sure it would be most flattered.) This one is quick and easy to put together if the torch is fast approaching your home town, not to mention damn hot… ba dum dum tssshhhh!

What you’ll need…

Batch of cupcakes baked in gold foil cases
Batch of buttercream (roughly 600g for 12 cakes)
Sugarflair gel colours in Egg Yellow/Cream, Tangerine/Apricot & Christmas Red
Piping bag fitted with a 1M nozzle
3 bowls & 3 spoons

1. Once your cupcakes are cool enough to ice divide your buttercream up into your 3 bowls. Colour one yellow, one orange and one red.

TIP! It can be a little tough mixing darker colours by hand but these colours are so similar, if you have a mixer, you can mix your colours one by one in the same bowl without having to separate the mixture beforehand and save on the washing up, as well as using a bit less gel colour! I.e. first mix yellow, then remove a little, then add orange, remove a little and finally red. Done!

2. Now find a round jug or pint glass, place your piping bag in and fold over the edges so you’re looking inside the bag. Adding a tablespoon of buttercream at a time spoon your 3 different colours around the rim of the glass/jug. Then add a little more of each colour until you think you can pipe no more! (This bit reminds me of the film Hook. Bangarang!)

3. Now all thats left to do is pipe your cupcakes with classic (or flame) swirls. If your bag runs out of buttercream its best to start a new bag rather than refill as your colours will merge and look less spectacular.

Now what athlete could resist one of those?? (Even on their fancy diets!)

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Jenny x



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