Tuesday Tutorial – Making a Piping Bag

This is a great little trick to learn just in case you run out of piping bags… or you just want to show off your amazing cupcake knowledge and skill! Great for royal icing piping and other delicate details.

What you’ll need…

Greaseproof Paper

1. Take a section of greaseproof paper and fold side to side to form a triangle, then trim off any excess paper, so it creates a square when unfolded (this will make 2 piping bags)

2. Cut the paper in half along the fold, to leave you with two triangles of equal size

3. In your left hand hold one paper up high, at the corner, with the longest side of the triangle running down the length of your forearm

4. Take the other corner of the longest side and take it across to meet the remaining corner, while curling it inwards to form a cone, keeping the point as tight as possible

5. Keeping hold of the joined corners in your right hand, bring your left hand down towards them and around the back, continuing to wrap the paper around itself, then holding all three corners in your right hand

6. Keep the point of your cone tight and hold all three corners together. Here you’re looking to have three ” peaks” at the top back of your cone

7. Fold over the three peaks and staple into place to keep your cone stable.

8. Cut a small hole in the point, big enough to fit your nozzle and fill with icing, ready for wonderful piping

Laura x



4 Responses to Tuesday Tutorial – Making a Piping Bag

  1. Never thought to use a stapler doing this have always torn the top into 2 and fold one forwards and one backwards – stapling sounds a better solution thank you for the tutorial it was very well described

    • Hi Cathy! Yes, as long as the staple isn’t in contact with the icing itself its absolutely fine to use and much easier. Hope it helps! Jenny

    • Hi MommaMary, greaseproof paper is waxed, unlike parchment paper, so it is a bit less suitable for baking as it won’t resist the heat so well. But they’re both fine to use for making piping bags as they’re both “non-stick”! Jenny

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