Tuesday Tutorial – Leopard Print Cupcakes

Next Monday is World Fashion Day so we thought we’d show you how to make some very fabulous leopard print cupcakes! These are fantastic for any occasion, particularly girly birthday parties and hen parties and so simple you won’t believe it…

What you’ll need

Sugarpaste coloured with a smidgen of Sugarflair Chestnut Gel Colour
Round cutters
Cupcakes & buttercream
Gold lustre dust
Sugarflair Liquorice Gel Colour
Rejuvenator spirit
Paintbrushes & small mixing bowls

1. First cover your cupcakes with your sugarpaste, making them as smooth as possible

2. Next mix some gold lustre dust with a little rejuvenator spirit until it forms a paint-like consistency. Paint gold ovals all over your cupcakes, giving yourself a little room in between each one. Vary the spots in size and shape as no two leaopards are the same!

3. Once your gold spots have dried, mix some liquorice gel colour with a little rejuvenator spirit in a small bowl (best not to use yours or anyone else’s best china for this bit!). Then paint the outsides of your spots – these should go around roughly 3/4 of the spot, not quite touching on one side. Short sharp brush strokes/jabs with the paintbrush give the best effect.

4. Work your way around all of the dots, varying the strokes and sizes. And you’re done! Absolutely Fabulous if we do say so ourselves!

Please rest assured no animals were harmed in the making of these cupcakes, we love leopards very much

Jenny x



2 Responses to Tuesday Tutorial – Leopard Print Cupcakes

  1. Thanks for this, they look great with the gold lustre dust and the black gel food colouring. I’m going to try this on Monday.

    I’ve seen cupcakes though where the inside has leopard print spots inside. Any idea on how to do this. Perhaps a tutorial?

    Thanks again.

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