Tuesday Tutorial – Homemade Edible Glue

If your supply of edible glue runs dry and you’ve got some Blue Door Bakery CMC powder handy, fear not! Whip yourself up some more glue overnight with this very simple recipe…

What you’ll need…

CMC powder
Warm water
Empty pot
Paintbrush (for stirring)
Homemade edible glue label (optional)

1. Put about one quarter of a teaspoon of CMC powder into your empty pot

2. Add roughly 20ml of warm water to the powder and stir quickly and thoroughly with the end of your paintbrush. The mixture may look lumpy at this point but don’t worry! All will be fine in the morning!

3. Put a lid on the pot and store in the fridge overnight.
4. In the morning the mixture should be of a syrupy consistency and run from the brush so if it seems a little thick simply add a touch more water until you have the desired thickness.

5. Stick til your heart’s content!

We hope you enjoyed our tutorial this week, and don’t forget, you can buy CMC powder and edible glue in our online shop (might be best to get two pots next time….)

Jenny x



2 Responses to Tuesday Tutorial – Homemade Edible Glue

    • Hi Meg, two weeks in the fridge. Although be careful to only use a very clean brush or dispense the glue as it will go mouldy if anything else gets into it.

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