Tuesday Tutorial – Giant Cupcake Piping

Have you noticed some subtle changes to our website? Some new bits creeping in? Well, welcome to our shiny new blog! We’ve decided that we have way too much to say about cake. Facebook, Twitter and newsletters just aren’t enough to keep us quiet, so we thought we’d share some of our cake advice, inspiration and news with you here.

Our new blog is going to include a cake related tutorial for you every Tuesday, what better way to celebrate Monday being over and ease you into the week?! We’d love your comments and questions on the blog posts, we’re really keen to know what you think and if we’re telling you anything useful.

So, happy Tuesday! Today’s first tutorial is a bit of a cheat as some of you may have seen the video before. We thought we’d just remind you for those you haven’t. When we made this video 7 months ago, we had no idea at all that it would receive almost 30,000 views! We hope all the people who’ve used it have found it useful.

The recipe and various giant cupcake discussions are here:

If you’d like more giant cupcake inspiration, have a look at our photos page on our website!

Enjoy! x

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tutorial – Giant Cupcake Piping

  1. Hey Sarah,

    Great Tutorial , I used it when icing my friends wedding cake. I’d love a tutorial on how you make the fondant Roses.

    Look forward to the next one!!

    Erin xx

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