Tuesday Tutorial – Easter Bunny

This week its another Easter special for the BDB blog, with an appearance from the Easter bunny! Or should that be disappearance…

What you’ll need…

Pink Sugar Paste (coloured with Pink Gel Colour or Professional Pink Pre-coloured Sugar Paste)
Grey Sugar Paste (coloured with a little Liquorice Gel Colour)
White Sugar Paste
CMC Powder
Ball Tool
Non-Stick Mat
Foam Drying Pad
Edible Glue & Paintbrush
Green Buttercream (coloured with Holly & Party Green)
Chocolate Buttercream (or coloured with lots of Chestnut Gel Colour)
Wilton 1M (fitted into a piping bag)
Grass & Hair Nozzle (fitted into a piping bag)
Blossom and/or Daisy plunger cutters

1. Mix a little CMC Powder into both the pink and grey sugar paste. Now roll a piece of grey paste into a ball (roughly half the size of a ping pong ball), then gently push it down onto the Non-Stick Mat on an angle to lightly flatten one side/create a lopsided dome.

2. Take 2 more pieces of grey sugar paste, roughly the size of peanuts each. Roll into 2 sausages the same length and gently flatten with an index finger. Softly pinch one end of each “foot” so that there is one bulbous end, keeping both feet as similar as possible.

3. Now roll two small balls of pink paste and 6 very small balls. Flatten all of them with a finger and stick them to the feet to create the pads on your rabbit’s paws. Roll one small ball of white sugar paste to create his tail. Use the ball tool to indent to make it a bit less uniform and more “fluffy”! Cut out two or three flowers with the left over pink and white to decorate your finished cupcake.

4. Using the edible glue, stick the feet to the body of your rabbit, placing them a little way down the leaning side of the dome. Now stick his tail in place, just above his feet. Leave him to dry overnight or as long as possible.

5. The piping for your rabbit is very similar to last week’s tutorial. Pipe some grass over the top of your cupcake, holding the bag vertical above the cake, squeezing, then releasing and pulling away all over the surface of the cake. Then, using your chocolate buttercream, pipe a double circle just in from the edge of the cake, big enough to fit your bunny.

6. Put your rabbit in place, pushing him down into the hole in the brown buttercream so he looks like he’s disappearing into it/stuck (depending on your bunny’s waistline!).

Now all that’s left to do is name him! Don’t forget you can buy all of the products we use in our online shop HERE and we’d love to see your finished bunnies on Facebook!

Jenny x



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  1. I soooo looove your Tuesday tutorials, thankyou so much. I now have four very eager and willing (but not sure sure about the able bit) children, who cant wait to break up from school, so they can give the baskets and rabbits a go.

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