Tuesday Tutorial – Cupid’s Arrow Cupcake

This week we’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day, and have a touch of the Robin Hood’s about us (if he borrowed Cupid’s arrow for the day that is).

If you need a bit of inspiration for your Valentine’s gift, look no further! Give your loved one the gift of cake!

What you’ll need…

Non-Stick Smart Mat
Rolling Pin
Pre-coloured Red Sugar Paste
Angled Palette Knife
CMC Powder
Heart Cutters (Set of 3)
Edible Glue
Raw Spaghetti – cut 2 pieces roughly 4cm in length (We dusted ours with a little white lustre dust)
Cupcake, piped with a classic swirl
Ribbon (optional)

1. Mix your red paste with a little CMC powder and work in until it becomes a slightly tougher consisitency. Then roll out to about 3mm thick.

2. Cut out one full heart (we used the largest of the 3 hearts) then using the pointed end of the heart, cut out another piece, missing off the double curve at the edge of the sugar paste, so you have a a triangle.

3. Cut another triangle in the centre of the triangle using your palette knife and fan out slightly to make your “feather”. Then use the palette knife to mark shallow scores along the sides of the feather.

4. Dip one end of the spaghetti pieces into the glue and gently slide into the crease of the heart and the other piece into point of the feather, being careful not to break the surface. Leave to dry over night.

5. When dried hard put your pieces either side of the swirl on a cupcake.

6. Romance your loved one!

We tied a piece of red ribbon around our cupcake case for added affect, but if you have a little trouble with this see next week’s blog for tips and tricks for tying perfect bows around your cupcakes and making light of romantic lace trim.

Have a great week everybody and we look forward to seeing your Valentine’s Day creations!

Jenny x



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