Tuesday Tutorial – Christmas Turkey!

We’ve been itching to make this little guy for weeks now, so drum roll please….. its the Blue Door Bakery Christmas Turkey!

Make your friends and family giggle by including him in your Christmas cupcake selection, but be aware, he may steal the show.

What you’ll need…

Sugar paste coloured light brown (we used Sugarflair Gel Colour in Chestnut)
White florist paste
Angled palette knife
Scriber tool
Edible glue
Black dusting colour
Confectioners glaze

1. Take a walnut sized piece of your coloured sugar paste and mould into a pear shape, with one slightly tapered end to make the body.
2. Now take a hazelnut sized piece of the sugar paste and split into 2 equal pieces. Mould these into 2 smaller pear shapes to form the legs.
3. Using the scriber tool, draw a line down the length of the body, in the centre. Then prick the body and legs to make small “pluck” holes!

4. Using the edible glue and paintbrush, stick the legs to the side of the body at the back, with all tapered ends facing the same way.
5. Roll a small piece of florist paste into a long, thin sausage with rounded ends. Then cut the 2 ends to make the leg bones. Curve them slightly and glue to the ends of the legs.

6. Lightly brush black dusting colour over the turkey with a clean paintbrush to give him a little definition!

7. Complete your turkey by giving him one or 2 coats of confectioners glaze, to make him glisten!
8. Now add him to your cupcake (we’ve placed him on a rose swirl using our BIG rose and swirl nozzle). Done!

We hope you enjoyed our turkey tutorial and that he makes an appearance on your dining table this Christmas!

Jenny x



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