Tuesday Tutorial – Charlie the Spring Chick

We thought we’d continue the Spring theme this week, in the hope that the sun might come to stay some time soon! Not to mention, Lenny the Lamb needs a little company, so meet Charlie the Spring Chick!

What you’ll need…

Pre-coloured Orange Sugarpaste (Or coloured with Tangerine/Apricot Gel)
Pre-coloured Yellow Sugarpaste (Or coloured with Egg Yellow Gel)
White Sugarpaste
Angled Palette Knife
Non-Stick Rolling Mat
Non-Stick Rolling Pin
Round Cutter (to fit the top of a cupcake)
Star Cutter Set of 3
Scriber Tool
Edible Glue & Paintbrush
Cupcake & Buttercream

1. Take a walnut sized piece of orange sugarpaste and split into 3 equal pieces. Roll two of these into longish fat sausages to make his legs, then make grooves in one side all the way down with the side of your palette knife. Trim if needs be (they need to stay upright and hold his feet!)

2. Take the remaining piece of orange sugarpaste and split into two. Form these into rough pear shapes and flatten. Take your smallest star cutter, then using just one point of the star, cut out two triangles from each foot to make his toes.

3. Now shape his legs and feet, creating one slightly bulbous end on each leg and one slightly thinner flat end. Then shape his toes and curl a little, remembering that we’ll be looking at the bottom of them so curl upwards from the smoothest side. Glue his feet (smooth side up) onto the thinner end of his legs, with your leg grooves facing the front. Leave to dry.

4. Now take your cupcake and put a dollop of buttercream in the centre. Roll out a bit of yellow sugpaste to about 5mm thick, then cut out a circle to fit the top of your cupcake. Put into place, tucking the paste into the inside of the cupcake case.

5. Now roll and cut out another circle in your white sugarpaste. Before placing it over your cupcake, take your smallest star cutter and cut out two stars. Now place it over your cupcake, being careful to cover the yellow paste right down to the case. Then use your scriber tool to create a “cracked” effect in your egg, working from the points of each star.

6. All thats left to do now is pop his legs in place. Don’t worry if they’re a bit wonky, he’ll probably be a bit wobbly when he finally comes out of his shell!

If you like Charlie enough to give him a go we’d love to see your photos on Facebook and don’t forget, you can buy everything we used in our online shop HERE

Jenny x



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