Tips For Delivering Cakes And Emergency Repair Kit

Who has ever been on a scary cake delivery? I think most of us can answer yes to that. I’m here to (hopefully!) help and make that delivery a little less scary. I always take my emergency repair kit with me. I’ve never needed to use it much and let’s hope it stays that way! I’ve included what I take and why, along with a few hints and tips to help.


1 – Royal icing. I make up some stiff royal icing and pop it in a piping bag. Then, at the venue i am ready to snip the end off and use the royal icing to stack my cakes, stick on flowers that may have fallen off, add on an extra flower to cover up anything unsightly.

2 – Extra flowers. I don’t do this as often any more but when I started doing wedding cakes, I’d always take a spare. Just in case. Its a good idea for peace of mind if nothing else.

3 – Spare ribbon and prit stick. Prit stick is fine to use around the cake drum as it is non toxic. Plus no one will eat any fondant on the cake drum anyway! Use royal icing to secure ribbons around the cake. Just a little bit at the back to secure it or the wet from the royal icing will seep through and make the ribbon wet. I always pop a small flower over the ribbon join. I’ll never forget when I delivered a cake to a beautiful venue and the cake was set up in front of a large vintage mirror. I was so grateful I made the back of the cake look pretty with extra flowers over the ribbon join.

4 – Scissors, craft knife, palette knife, tweezers and cocktail sticks. You never know how important these are. Scissors for cutting ribbons, craft knife and cocktail sticks to help with the small, fiddly details and a palette knife to lift the cakes to stack at the venue.

5 – Edible glue and paintbrush. You never know when this will come in handy and I’d never leave home without it.

6 – Tissues. I’ll always have a tissue out and on the cake table. I’d hate to put my bag of royal icing down and then for it to stain the table. Also handy to wipe excess icing off your hands and knives.

delivery 1

7 – When I deliver cakes, I am very lucky that my husband drives a lot of the time. He doesn’t get much choice in this mind you! This means I get to check on directions and the cake. When I drive, I put the cake on the front passenger seat and passenger foot well.

8 – Remember not to have the heating on the car. This is not good for the cake, obvs! It WILL melt.

9 – I never drive with it fully stacked. Mostly its in 2 or 3 parts to build at the venue.

10 – Flowers. Most of my flowers for cakes are delivered in a separate cake box surrounded with bubble wrap and tissue to protect it. These are then put on at the venue. I do travel with flowers stuck on the cake sometimes. If I do, these are always stuck on the day before delivery and left to dry for 15-16 hours before setting off.


So there you have it. My emergency repair kit and delivery hints! I can’t tell you how important these items have been for me in the past. Including taking a cup of tea with you. It helps with stress levels. Honest! I hope you find it useful too!

What have you found to be useful when delivering? Do you include anything different in your emergency kit? Let us know

Love Dani xx




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