The week that was…


This week has been go, go, go here at BDB HQ.

On Monday the lovely Lindsey and Barry came to a class and we learnt about Barry’s adventures whilst he made an extreme sport out of cupcake decorating. We’ve had a minibus of 12 gorgeous girls visit us from Wales for a private class (which included impromptu models of our hens). We’ve had class attendees this week from London, Merseyside, Lancashire and Scotland to name but a few (I think a 6.5 hour drive was the longest this week!)

Then, on Friday we got a double yolk egg during the class! We’ve broken more than 3,500 eggs whilst running Blue Door Bakery, how fabulous that the first ever double yolk was during a class. Much excitement and squeals (what can I say, baking fans such as myself get excited by the strangest things.)

We’ve been lying in a darkened room today to recover from the excitement. Roll on Monday! Horrah!



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