Big Cakes And Buttercream

There is nothing nicer than looking at a cake, all straight, sharp, flawless and utterly perfect. However to get this, you need to use sugar paste and smooth until your little arms are done in! I’m not a huge fan of sugar paste to eat. I’d much rather get stuck in to a filthy, huge, […]

Valentines Bear Cake Tutorial

With Valentines Day fast approaching, what better than to create this super cute teddy bear cake. You’ll need –  6 inch round cake (You can download our Baking Guide from recipes\tutorials section of our website) Chocolate buttercream Cake leveller Palette knife Piping bag Jem 2D nozzle Brown and pink sugar paste Cocktail sticks Heart cutters […]

Tuesday Tutorial – Homemade Vanilla Extract

One of the questions we’re asked most often is what is the best vanilla to use for cupcake and cake baking. We only ever recommend using vanilla extract, never essence. Essence is a synthetic product and will never give the pure, delicious vanilla-e-ness (our new favourite word) that make your cakes really special. The vanilla […]