Tips For Delivering Cakes And Emergency Repair Kit

Who has ever been on a scary cake delivery? I think most of us can answer yes to that. I’m here to (hopefully!) help and make that delivery a little less scary. I always take my emergency repair kit with me. I’ve never needed to use it much and let’s hope it stays that way! […]

Homemade Christmas Gifts – Candied Christmas Nuts

There’s nothing that makes us think of Christmas more than the smell of cloves and cinnamon, and the huge spoonful we put in our hot chocolate mix made us think of another of our favourite Christmas treats… Candied Christmas Nuts! They’re so easy to make and the aroma that fills the kitchen while they’re baking […]

Ghoulish Meringue Ghost Cupcakes

Are you ready for a spook-tacular halloween?! (See what I did there? Sorry..) We do love halloween cupcakes, they give us a chance to embrace our love of kitsch decorations, gaudy colours and icing that turns your teeth black. Hoorah! This year, here’s something a little bit different from the normal sugarpaste decorations. We became […]