Super Show Saturday

What an exciting weekend for Blue Door Bakery! We are now officially award winning! I’ve been very excited about our village show for 12 months, since we went to the last show and I realised that I might actually win something to be displayed alongside my husband’s golden rugby boot. I’ve often woken up in the middle of the night over the last year thinking of my French apple tart, or dreaming of winning the Women’s Institute Cup.

Friday and Saturday morning were a flurry of flour and activity in the Blue Door Bakery kitchen. We hot footed it down to the show with the good stuff and I paced up and down for the next two hours whilst judging took place. Mr Blue Door Bakery gave me a little talking to about how everyone is a winner and perhaps you need to be in the Women’s Institute ‘in crowd’ to win. He also reminded me about playing nicely with the other entrants and to not throw any cakes if I didn’t win. I am pleased to report that I didn’t need to be wrestled to the ground while ranting about foul play as I won!


We also received second prize for our display of herbs and third prize for our Victoria Sponge. Well, you’ve got to leave something to the WI haven’t you?

I wonder if they’ll add a cupcake category next year?!




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