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Ready to kick off the festive season with some heavy duty baking? When a dessert calls to be boiled for 4 hours, that’s a pudding that really means business don’t you think?

This Sunday, 25th November, is Stir Up Sunday which is the last Sunday before advent and the traditional weekend to make your Christmas pudding so it has time to mature before Christmas day. If you fancy having a go, it’s surprisingly easy. The first decision to make is which recipe to use. For us the big dilemma is between Queen Delia and the ultimate domestic goddess, Nigella. What Delia wins in long standing, time tested proven perfection, for me, Nigella wins with her unique modern twist of yummy Pedro Ximinex sherry. Honestly, it smells like Christmas in a bottle.



Here’s a few top tips..

1. As always with baking, weigh and measure everything carefully. (It’s science don’t you know.)

2. Buy the best quality dried fruit you can afford, it’ll make everything as plump and juicy as possible.

3. Use the right sized pudding basin for the recipe you’re using. You want it to look proud and majestic when served.

4. Plastic pudding basins are fine for using in a steaming saucepan (or in a colander over a saucepan as an improvised steamer) and are really affordable. The ones I have and shown in the photo above are from Lakeland here.

5. When steaming, make sure that the water isn’t touching the pudding or the basin.

Will you me making your own Christmas pudding? Which recipe will you be using? Any other top tips?

Sarah x



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