Starry starry Christmas Tree

Less than two weeks to go before the big day now so for our third Christmassy installment, a lovely snowy Christmas Tree!

What you’ll need…

Non-stick smooth rolling mat
Rolling pin
Dark green sugar paste (we coloured with Sugarlflair Gel Colour in Holly Green)
A little red sugarpaste (or a star shaped sprinkle!)
Set of 3 Star Cutters
Mini star plunger cutter (for tree top star)
CMC powder
Foam drying pad
Piping bag with a little buttercream coloured dark green
Pearl white dusting colour
Cupcake, iced flat with buttercream


1. Start by making the stars to create your Christmas tree. To do this, mix a little CMC powder into your sugarpaste, the roll out thinly. Then, using your set of 3 star cutters, cut out 4 stars in each of the 3 sizes.
2. Then, if you’re making red star from sugar paste rather than using a sprinkle, roll out and cut out a star with a mini plunger cutter.
3. Leave all of your stars on the flat side of the foam pad to dry over night.


4. Now to construct your tree! Cut a very tiny hole in the bottom of your piping bag (or use a writing nozzle), and place a splodge in the middle of your cupcake. Pop the first star (one of the largest 4) onto the splodge. Then place another splodge in the centre of the star and place another large star on the top.


5. Repeat until all of your stars are used up, using the next smallest size as you go up the tree. You may not need all 4 of the smallest stars so discard the last couple if you think its tall enough!


6. Add one last, very small splodge to the top of the tree and fix your tree top star.


7. To complete your beautiful Christmas tree, add a generous sprinkle of pearl white dusting colour. Normally we’d encourage a gentle hand with lustre dust but in this case, a heavy hand has quite a lovely effect!

Cue oooohs and aaaaahs from all who set eyes on the starry starry Christmas tree!

We hope this makes a nice addition to your Christmas cupcake collection and that you enjoy our final Christmas cupcake blog next week!

Jenny x



2 Responses to Starry starry Christmas Tree

  1. Thank you for this tutorial, I am not a very good cake decorator or maker for that matter, but I think I could do these, and they look so lovely I will be having a practice in the next couple of weeks and then plan to make them for Christmas day for the family so will be making 21 in total. Just hope I dont have a forest fire.
    Your instructions have made me feel I can present these well. Again thank you xxxxx

    • Hi Anne, really pleased you like the tutorial. We’ll be adding more Christmas ones this November/December too, you can sign up on the right hand side here to receive an email when they are posted. Show us a photo of the cakes you make on Facebook! x

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