[Business] Running a Cake Business with Children and Sanity

Sorry, we’ve been a bit AWOL from the blog for the last few months. I could make loads of excuses, but really, sometimes you just can’t quite fit everything into the day can you?

Every week at the studio has been full to the brim with exciting new classes, old favourites and planning what’s to come for the rest of the year.

George and Harriet, my twins, turned 1 a couple of weeks ago. It’s been an amazing but really hectic year. I’ve learnt a lot about balancing business and life. There’s loads of difficult choices to make.

Twins First Birthday Peas in a Pod Cake

(Sorry for the blurry photo, it’s was nearly impossible to stop them diving into the cake and get a photo.)

When I had the babies, I decided that I’d try to work only a few days a week and finish work at 5pm. Much as I love my job, I didn’t want to work every every moment anymore. Well, just for a while, whilst the babies are so deliciously little. I’m enjoying my time with them so much. I love that working for myself lets me make that choice.

So, here are my tips for having children and running a cake business without losing your marbles:

1. Childcare. Put plans in place in good time for childcare while you’re working. I know that sounds obvious, but getting organised early on really does make it less stressful. If you’re running a cake business, you’ll probably be working some weekends aswell as during the week. This is kind of unavoidable with wedding cake making. Don’t forget to plan who is looking after your little ones then too.

2. Consultations. If you’re making wedding cakes you’ll probably need to organise consultations at home around your children. Think about booking a few cake consultations on one day or evening. This means that you only need to hide the toys and make the house pristine once..! (You also only need to bake one larger batch of samples.)

3. Make lists. It’s hard to swap from your Mum head to your business head with a moment’s notice. Lists have really helped me to remember what’s going on at work and at home.

4. Book some holiday time off. It’s really easy to forget this when you start a cake business. You’re so grateful for bookings that as you get busier you suddenly realise that you have no free weeks. (Honestly, if you’re branding, marketing and advertising your brilliant cakes well, this will happen.) Time off is really important for loads of reasons but it’s also just an opportunity to spend time with your family.

5. Remember that your babies won’t be tiny forever. Sorry old cliche but true. You might not have time to take every order you want or make a competition cake you want to right now. You can’t get this time with your children back though. There’s no shame in wanting to enjoy it and not winning business woman of the year. (This year anyway..!)

I hope those tips are useful. Do you run your own business and have children? What have you learnt? What are your top tips?!

Sarah x

PS If you’d like more cake business advice you can join me for a class on Starting Your Own Cake Business Class. It’s a day full of practical advice I’ve learnt along the way.



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  1. So very, very true! I run a sweetie and china hire business with one baby in my life (10 months old now) and couldn’t agree more with the things you say. She is sitting on my lap pressing buttons on my calculator (rather than my laptop….) as I type. It truly is multitasking running a business with a ‘junior staff member’ along! Absolutely love the peas in a pod cake! xx

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