[Round Up] Cake Trends of 2013

We spend a lot (far too much) time thinking about cake trends. The latest styles and techniques, what people will be choosing for their weddings and bakes that makes us go ‘oooooh’.

It’s nearly halfway through 2013, so we thought we’d show you what we’ve been loving so far this year.

1. Layer Cakes
No one seems to make a cake with just 2 layers in 2013. Layer us up buttercup..

via Pinterest

2. Frills
Forget your images of 70s blouses. Frills are hot news on cakes right now.

via Pinterest

3. Buttercream Big Cakes
For those of us that want to eat buttercream icing with a spoon, buttercreamed cakes are music to our ears.

via Pinterest

4. Tall Cakes
What’s better than a cake? A BIG cake. Extra high double-barrel cakes add right on trend.

via Pinterest and our tall cake class

5. Dessert Tables
This is such a huge trend for weddings in the USA. We are a bit in love with Amy Atlas the queen of dessert tables.

via Amy Atlas


What’s your favourite current cake trend? Which do you love or loathe? Anything we’ve missed?

Sarah x



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