October Book Giveaway!

This month, for our regular book giveaway, you can win a copy of the new release Say It With Cake: Celebrate with Over 80 Cakes, Puddings, Pies and More from the original Boy Who Bakes Winner of BBC2’s Great British Bake Off.

We’ve always loved Edd’s blog, we watched his progress on The Great British Bake Off and now we can’t wait to see what his book has in store for us!

If you win the book, we’d love it if you could write us a little review of it, so we can share it with our blog followers. Simple.



To enter you need to do one or more of the following:

1. Comment below on this blog post, telling us who is your baking idol? Which baking or cake decorating expert do you most admire and why?

2. Click ‘Share’ on our Facebook post about this blog post to share it with your friends.

3. Comment on our Facebook post about this blog post, telling us what you’re going to be baking during October.

For each of the above, you’ll receive an entry (you can enter in each of the 3 ways for 3 entries) and we’ll pick a winner on Friday 12th September.

Good luck!




18 Responses to October Book Giveaway!

  1. My baking idol is not one, but many people! I admire so much the women who worked as chefs in the kitchens of the great country houses in the 20th century and earlier. They had to create some incredibly complicated cakes and bakes, and they did it all without the Kitchen Aids and fancy gadgets that we do now! Their creations were simply works of art, with amazing sugar craft, a perfect balance of flavour and the WOW factor that every cook wants their cakes to have! And they cooked every day, often creating tens of courses for dinner parties, just to be enjoyed by those ‘upstairs’. I think this is truly something to be admired, and it is brilliant to respect this by combining these old-fashioned techniques and values with the innovative baking of today.

  2. I admire the cake decorater Debbie Brown. I love her novelty cakes. I have many of her books and finds she gives you ideas for cakes that will be loved by children and adults alike. I also like the cake decoraters Masie Parish and Anne Pickard.

  3. i love lots here in england i love lindys wonky cakes and peggys pretty cakes but my all time is bronwyn webber give her a slab of cake and a bucket of butter cream and you end up with the most amazing cake ever she just amazes me so very clever

  4. I love reading the pink whisk blog from Ruth Clemens. It reads like she is having a chat with you over a cuppa and all her recipes that I’ve tried so far have been fab. I also love Sweetopia. Her decorating work is just amazing, and I could watch her you tube videos forever!

  5. There are so many wonderful baking talents out there but since Edd Kimber published his first book “The Boy Who Bakes”, I have been inspired to make baking a greater part of my own life. When I made his Ultimate Chocolate Cake…well let’s just say it was out of this world delicious! I would love to get my hands on my idol’s second masterpiece…please!

  6. There are hundreds of very talented cake decorators on Facebook but there are a few that stand out because they are so generous with their knowledge, tips, tutorials and sharing of others work. A few that come to mind are Alan Tetreault from Global Sugar Art, Peggy Does Cake and CorrieCakes

  7. Love Mary Berry’s recipes. She has been around a long long time and is always open to new ideas…also love Jo Wheatley who is always sharing her top tips on facebook and is an inspiration to all us bakers.

  8. Once upon a time my baking idol use to be my grandmother. Some of my earliest memories are in the kitchen with her learning to make Christmas cakes! But, despite my grandmother’s creations, my new baking idol would have to be Buddy Valastro. He’s over the top, American and a genius with his creations. (See Cake Boss on the discovery channel). He takes cakes and makes them works of art, and full of life and humour. His cakes are always made to entertain and indulge, as cake should be, but still makes beautiful traditional creations in homage to his father who started the bakery before him.

  9. I love different people for different reasons. Mich Turner’s designs are clean and classical and I have been able to learn so much from her books. Mary Berry is definitely queen of home baking for me but I really love Bronwen Webber.Her novelty designs are second to none and always please. She is also able to impress just as much with her classic designs and she comes across as someone that would be fun to work with and learn from.

  10. I have many influences and am in awe of so many peoples skill and talent but my very first influence and still my all time favourite is the amazing Colette Peters. I took her book “Colette’s Wedding Cakes” out of the library about twenty years ago and that was where it all started! Her beautifully intricate Edwardian royal iced wedding cake just blew me away the first time i saw it and her Pineapple Upside down cake is a sight to behold (not the stuff of home economics lessons I can assure you). I love her ‘more is more’ philosophy and will always be loyal to my favourite medium of royal icing because of Colette.

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