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Here at BDB now, most people who come along to our classes have me. Laura, our other amazing Guru teaches on Thursdays. So, I wanted to tell you all a little bit about us both. While Laura is busy taking some blog selfies and answering my crazy questions… I’ll fill you in on me.

dani 3About Me…. I’m Dani and I’m 21 (ok, 34) . I married Dean at age 16 and we’ve been married now for almost 18 years. We have 2 gorgeous girls, Mae who is 14 and Lana who is 9. We also have 2 barmy dogs called Bella and Milo, and a crazy cat called Fizz (or King Fizz as he rules the house!)

dani 2

I love……. I love parties! Not staying out till 3am kind of parties though, I still like to be in bed with a cup of tea by 11. We love Halloween house parties. I think as I make pretty cakes all year its great to go wild with blood and gore every now and again and create something disgusting. We have a lot of kitchen parties for no reason what so ever. Nothing better than some good music, disco lights on and a dance while you are cooking the dinner!

I love the beach, especially with good friends and family. I love Christmas, I begin my Christmas excitement in January! I love Channing Tatum and Gary Barlow and would happily feed them cake anytime!! I love my slippers, especially if they have ears on! I love a good strong cup of Yorkshire tea. I love being at home and watching Disney Films. I would happily watch them over any grown up film! I love making huge wedding cakes. My most favourite kind of cake to make.

dani 4

Me and Cakes…. I’ve always enjoyed baking since having my girls. My plan was to to go uni and become a primary school teacher. I started doing cakes as a hobby. I came to a few BDB classes almost 5 years ago (Laura taught me) I was asked me to teach and I’ve been here ever since.  Its much easier teaching adults than children. I don’t have to use the naughty step too often!!

My favourites…. My favourite class to teach is our Wedding Cake Masterclass. Its amazing to see the results of complete beginners who really doubt their abilities, then leave with something they are incredibly proud of and a little extra cake confidence. I guess this applies to all our classes though. There is nothing better than seeing someone who doesn’t believe they can do it, prove themselves wrong and create something beautiful.

My favourite cakes to eat are (I have to choose 2!) Chocolate rocky road cupcakes. Honestly, you’ve never tasted anything like these in your life. Calorie filled and chocolate filled cake..what could be better. We teach these in our Chocolate cupcake class. But, I also love Sticky toffee cake with toffee sauce. Its THE best cake ever and one slice is never enough. Find this recipe in our recipes\tutorials section.

Whats your favourite kind of cake to eat? What cake would you feed your hunky celeb crush?

Lots of cake love

Dani xx




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