Tuesday Tutorial – Spooky Sugarpaste Pumpkins

Halloween is just around the corner so to make your haunting cupcake collection complete we thought we’d show you how to make our favourite sugarpaste pumpkin!

You’ll need:

Sugarpaste coloured orange (we like Sugarflair Gel Colour in Tangerine/Apricot)
Sugarpaste coloured green (we used a mixture of Sugarflair Gel Colour in Holly Green and Party Green)
CMC Powder
Palette Knife
Rolling Pin
Daisy Plunger Cutter
Ball Tool
Edible Glue


1. Mix a little CMC powder in with both your orange and green sugarpaste to stiffen it up and help it hold its pumpkin shape better.

2. Take your orange sugarpaste and in the palm of your hand, roll it into a ball.



3. Place it onto a flat surface and gently squash it down a little to make your pumpkin nice and plump.

4. Using your palette knife carefully mark the sides of your pumpkin to create indents around it, leaving the top side of the pumpkin smooth.



5. Put your pumpkin to one side and roll out your green sugar paste. Cut out your daisy shape and put to one side.



6. Using a peanut sized amount of green sugar paste create your stalk, gently rolling it into a thin sausage shape, with one end slightly thicker than the other. Curl the thinner end around to give it a bit of character and tidy up the thicker end by trimming with your palette knife.



7. Now glue your daisy to the top of your pumpkin.



8. Using the smaller end of your ball tool, make an indent in the centre of your daisy, large enough to hold your stalk.

9. Brush with a little bit of glue and add your stalk.

10. Add to cupcakes to wow your friends at any ghoulish gathering of ghosts and ghouls.



Happy Halloween!

Jenny x



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