Hints and tips for better sugar flowers

So many pastes. So many flowers. So many tools. Its tough to know what to use and when! Read on and hopefully my little flowers blog will help!

Paste Florist paste, gum paste, petal paste. Its ALL the same stuff. Here in the UK, its generally called florist paste. (Remember, florist paste for flowers) Flowers won’t work using anything other than florist paste. It is a toughened paste which you can roll super thin to achieve life like, delicate flowers. Any other paste won’t work as it is too soft.


What brand of paste – Satin Ice, Renshaws flower and modelling paste, Squires kitchen, Tesco…. I’ve used them all. Here’s what i think.

…Tesco and Renshaws seem pretty similar. Both are nice to use and if you are on a budget, they work well. I find adding trex into the paste helps soften it. I do find it a little tacky though and not easy to frill petals.

…Satin Ice is lovely. So silky smooth and um… satiny! If you have a few days drying time, i’d use this one. Gorgeous stuff and really reasonably priced too. Its best to use cornflour with this one rather than tree as it can be softer than squires kitchen.

…Squires kitchen. It is bloomin’ lovely. Soft to work with but firm enough to form the petals. It has a good drying time and  colours well! We use this due to its drying time. It has the quickest drying time of all which means its great for classes. A little pricey but well worth it.

Trex Trex is vegetable fat. It is totally necessary to use this when making flowers. It stops it from sticking to fingers, rolling pins etc. It also softness your paste (if its been left a little too long) Add a little onto fingers, into paste, on rolling pins etc.

Cornflour –  Again, like Trex, Iwouldn’t make flowers without this stuff. I use this on my work board when rolling out only. I find it rolls out the paste much easier than using trex. Be careful though, it will leave slight white marks on your paste so only use if working with light colours (or steam it off)

flowers class collage

Tools –  Ball tool. No flower is complete without using this! Use it to frill and soften all kinds of petals for all kinds of flowers. It gives the flowers a more delicate, dainty look. As well as this, use soft brushes and dusts for adding extra depth to flowers.


I hope that helps with the sugar flower low down. Have you seen all our flower class? Seriously, there are TONS.

flowers classes

We’ve got a new flowers class. Its called Perfect Wedding Flowers Class. I’ve taken my knowledge from doing an insane amount of wedding cakes and plumbed it into this class, focusing on the most popular wedding flowers out there. Find out more info here…   http://www.bluedoorbakery.co.uk/class/perfect-wedding-flowers-class


If you fancy joining us, all the info, dates, prices etc are on our website. So many skills, what would you like to learn?


Post your best sugar flower work on our facebook page, i’d love to see.


Tons of cake love

Dani xxx




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