Gravity Cakes

Who loves them? I made one last week and it was such fun. There is something totally fab about chucking a load of sweets on a cake that looks good enough for face planting!

I had never made one before. I had been recommended to buy the Lakeland Pouring Cake Kit which I did. This was brilliant and made it really secure for travelling.

Gravity Cake

Gravity Cake


The kit comes with a 10 inch base (so make sure you have a 10 inch box available too) and various size rods and blanking pieces. It is so easy to put together.

I started off layering my cake onto the centre rod. I filled the layers with Oreo Flavour buttercream. Here is our buttercream recipe, just add crushed up oreos. Yum Yum!

Then add a layer of buttercream all over and smooth out.

gravity 2

Next I made some dark chocolate ganache using a 1:1 ratio, 60ml double cream and 60g chocolate. I used this as a glue to stick on Oreos around the base of the 6 inch cake. I used just under 1 packet.

I then poured some runny ganache on the top and spread out over the edge of the cake to form drips.

gravity 3

I finished off building the centre support pole and covered this in some ganache. I carefully added on the regular size empty maltesers packet, being careful not to rip it. Once the ganache sets, it is a really strong glue and the packet wont move. I used a party size pack of maltesers plus one regular size pack. Stick on maltesers all the way up the centre pole to the base of the packet.

gravity 4

I also added some more maltesers onto the top of the cake. To finish off, I added some sprinkles and a happy birthday topper by Iced Jems.

Ta-da! Super easy and looks fabulous!

Dani x



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