Diary of a cake maker!

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Sometimes cake life can be a pretty hectic one. Lots to plan, do, create and prepare for. I am a busy mum of 2 girls, running the household, BDB and making lots of wedding cakes. Here is a break down of what I do day by day (on a typical cake order week) to help calm your life and help get a little more organised. I HAVE to be as organised as possible.

Week plan – 

Monday – Preferably this would be done the week before but do a stock check. Check on your orders and jot down stock you need from boards, boxes, ribbon, ingredients etc and get this ordered. I have a gorgeous weekly planner from tesco (wilko also do them) which I fill out and put on my fridge. It really helps to have a quick glance to see what I’ve got on rather than digging out my diary. Arrange a Tesco shop to be delivered tomorrow. If it’s a wedding order, I contact the venue to discuss time of arrival to set up. Also, send my customers a text to fill them in on their cake progress and what the venue said about delivery.

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Tuesday – Tesco shop arrives. I put my cake order form on my fridge too. I’ll cover the cake drums and begin making flowers and decorations for the order.

Wednesday- Baking day!! All cakes will be baked, cooled and wrapped in cling film and stored at room temperature (or in the fridge on a hot day) I’ll prep my sugarpaste, weigh out and colour any that I need to.

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Thursday – I start by making all the ganache and buttercream. Next, I’ll level, trim and fill all cakes. Then I add the ganache and pop in the fridge to chill. I have a big clear up and de-chocolate everywhere. After the cakes have been chilling for a few hours I’ll then get all my cakes covered and work on some sharp egdes. After covering, they’ll be popped in a cake box and stored in my big cake cupboard until tomorrow.

Friday – Decoration day. This is my favourite day of the week. Time for adding the pretties and making it look like a wedding cake. All cakes will be dowelled and stacked if necessary. All piping, ribbons, lace etc will be added. Flowers will be royal iced on if necessary. I prep my emergency repair kit ( https://blog.bluedoorbakery.co.uk/?p=2971 )cut all ribbons to size that needs to be added on at the venue, make sure I have directions to the venue and a car full of petrol.

Saturday – Delivery day!! Pack the car and get there safely! Relax for the rest of the weekend ready to start again on Monday.

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So I hope this helps. Next week I’ll be telling you all about safely stacking your cakes. Post on our facebook page about your cake week? How do you get organised? What do you rely on to make your week flow as easy as possible?


Love Dani xx




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  1. Thanks Dee. I had my lovely planned from Tesco. I used walk before this. I can recommend Purple scrunch graphic artist too. She creates planners you can print out and fill in. I have one and couldn’t be without it xxx

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