Cake Trends of 2016

Cake trends change ALOT. Its tough to keep up with whats hot and whats not. We’ve brought to you the low down on our favourite cake trends so far of 2016!

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Buttercream Flowers

They’ve never been hotter!! Beautiful displays of piped flowers, leaves, roses and succulents. Just gorgeous!


drip cake trend blog


Drip Cakes

Probably one of my favourite cake trends of all time. So simple to do yet one of the most striking looks. Especially when loaded full of chocolate. Yummy!!!




Marbled Fondant Cakes

Such modern cakes compared to the Vintage look thats been around for years now. We love marbled cakes when teamed with statement flowers and leaf effects. That one of our classes in the middle!


semi drip cake trend blog


Semi Naked Cakes

Im not a big fan of naked cakes. The look a little too unfinished for my liking. However I LOVE semi naked cakes. You can still create a tall, straight cake with that rustic feel. Especially when teamed with a few drips. Oooooh!


So there is my round up of the best cake trends so far. Whats your favourite to eat? Have you tried any? Let us know


Dani xx



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