Cake Business Lockdown – Social Media Tips

During this recent lockdown, your cake business may have taken a turn in a new direction or closed for business for a while. If you plan on still having a business when life returns to normal, it is so important to keep active on your social media.

Here are my top social media tips…

Cake Business

Hashtags – Research and use the correct hashtags on Instagram and see what other accounts are using. You can have up to 30 hashtags in a post so use them wisely. Also use a hashtag in stories too. You can reduce the size in stories if you don’t want them too prominent.

Use location in posts and stories. This way any person searching locally may come across your page and ta-da… it may lead to an order.

View insights – Review these regularly and post at your peek times for top engagement. Track this for 1 week and keep a chart on how posts have done.

Find people on Instagram to follow, search for local businesses, research hashtags, location etc.

Join relevant groups on facebook and promote your business… e.g., other cake forums,( get involved, answer questions, be helpful), local area groups, networking groups.

Use viral or popular content. By posting content which is already popular, you’ll be increasing your reach.

Be active, show people you are carrying on despite whats going on. Be positive and keep a positive mindset.

Learn – Create some content, get up to date with online techniques to learn while you are at home, learn new skills, make display cakes, focus on the autumn and what you can do push the business forward for then, create autumn theme cakes and advertise them…

And most importantly… Think like a business owner.

How can you expect to run a successful business if you don’t have a business mindset.

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