Big Cakes And Buttercream

There is nothing nicer than looking at a cake, all straight, sharp, flawless and utterly perfect. However to get this, you need to use sugar paste and smooth until your little arms are done in! I’m not a huge fan of sugar paste to eat. I’d much rather get stuck in to a filthy, huge, sticky, gooey cake covered in lashings of buttercream. So, to get your cake looking ship shape with buttercream, heres our top tips….


buttercream 1


Layer your cake – Using a cake leveller will make this a whole lot easier and it’ll also look gorgeously even when you slice into it too.

Buttercream those layers – Stacking your cake with filling. Yum! Buttercream, ganache, toffee sauce, salted caramel, the list is endless.

buttercream 2

Crumb coat – Spreading on a thin layer of buttercream using your palette knife will seal in those crumbs so when it comes to your final layer of buttercream, it’ll look fab. Make sure you use a side scraper to take off the excess and smooth it out.

buttercream 4

Final buttercream crumb coat – Now shove that buttercream on nice and thick, all over. By adding this thick layer you’ll get a really even, straight finish to your cake. Once its totally covered, again, gently scrape off using your side scraper until all smooth and straight.

buttercream 5

Keep going and fill in any gaps or low bits of buttercream and scrape again. Don’t forget the top! Use your palette knife for this and scrape from the outside edge into the middle.

buttercream 6

Finishing touches – Add some buttercream in a piping bag with a Jem 2D nozzle and swirl! I begin by swirling at 12, 6, 3 and 9 o’clock. This way the swirls are nice and even. Then just fill in the gaps.

buttercream 7

SPRINKLES!!!! My most favourite thing in the world. Sprinkles!! Take some beautiful sprinkles and sprinkle til your heart’s content! These gorgeous sprinkles are from sweetapolita.

Whats your favourite sprinkles? Any top tips for layering big cakes? Let us know..

Lots of cake love

Dani xx




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