[BDB News] Win a Year’s Supply of Vanilla!

Some things in life are certain. Night follows day, every cloud has a silver lining and films are always better when they have Bradley Cooper in. Another thing we’re certain of, is the huge difference that using brilliant vanilla extract makes to your cakes.

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract Competition
Vanilla essence is a synthetic, chemical vanilla flavour and vanilla extract is natural product, from vanilla pods steeped in alcohol.

We love Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract. You can buy it in small bottles from most big supermarkets. We use litre bottles of it in our cake classes, which we buy from our friends at Natually Good Food. Buying in bulk from them works out as £30.66 a litre, compared to £47.00 a litre for the small bottles from the supermarket. Win!

You know what’s even better? The lovely people at Naturally Good Food are giving one of our readers the chance to win a year’s supply of Nielson-Massey Vanilla Extract. Enter below and 4 litre bottles of this fabulous stuff could be winging it’s way to you.

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49 Responses to [BDB News] Win a Year’s Supply of Vanilla!

  1. I would make all kinds of yummy treats but first up would probably be vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream. My family loves a fresh scratch cake.

  2. What a fantastic giveaway! I would certainly be happy to win those, I love adding vanilla extract to pretty much anything I bake 🙂

  3. I use it in almost everything I bake! But my favourite is still a simple (but great, with the right vanilla extract!) vanilla sponge with yummy vanilla buttercream 🙂

  4. I’m addicted to Browned butter right now so I’d make something Browned butter related, maybe more cookies? The possibilities are endless!

  5. My favourite thing to make using this vanilla extract is vanilla butter cookies, as simple as they sound they are made amazing easily because of such good quality vanilla extract.

  6. I’ll be making Winter wonderland vanilla snowflake cookies and snowball cakes topped with coconut flakes for the Christmas fair in Market Harborough on the 9th November.
    I’m going to need a loooooooootttt of vanilla extract…lol xx

  7. What an awesome giveaway! With those I could make lots of my speciality – Toblerone cheesecake. Or any cheesecake I suppose, but Toblerone is my favourite (and everyone else I make it for!

  8. My Nephews and Nieces backe every Saturday and use loads of this product in cupcakes, pineapple upside down cakes, cake pops and chocolate cakes. Nom nom nom 🙂 Love to win this prize as bake alot for free for local church.

  9. I love to bake ! And for me the best cake is a well made vanilla madeira. So many potential uses and so much flavour, especially when using the Neilson Massey brand. 🙂

  10. Bit boring but can never beat good old vanilla sponge! I also use a touch of vanilla in chocolate cakes too (or anything else for that matter), I heard somewhere that it helps bring out the flavour of whatever you’re baking with! x

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