[BDB News] A Cupcake Tour of London – Part 2

Looking for the start of the tour? It’s right over here: [BDB News] Cupcake Tour of London – Part 1.

A Cupcake Tour of London

After Choccywoccydoodah, we hadn’t quite had our fill of chocolate. We popped over to Paul A. Young. Some of us have been doing a chocolatier course, so it was a total treat to indulge and be wowed.

Paul A Young Chocolates
143 Wardour Street
London W1F 8WA

Paul Young 3Photo 17-05-2013 12 25 13Cupcake Tour of London Paul Young

Just reading the labels of the chocolates felt something like I imagine Charlie must have felt in the chocolate factory. Marmite, Port & Stilton truffles, Dark Sea-Salted Rochers, Tobacco Ganache and Goat’s Cheese, Lemon & Thyme. The super friendly staff explained, that they are the only truly artisan chocolate maker in London. Everything is hand made, fresh with the best of the best of the best ingredients.

Photo 17-05-2013 12 23 03Cupcake Tour of London Paul Young2

The shop is beautiful and the team there were totally welcoming. We didn’t all love every single chocolate that we tried, but I think that’s kind of part of the experience. We were unanimous in being head over heals in love with the salted caramels. If a fabulous shop, visit and splash out on a salted caramel.

On to Covent Garden, first stop there; The Cupcake Bakehouse. This is the very lovely Lorraine Pascale‘s London cupcake spot. This is a teeny tiny shop, pretty and pink with a full to bursting display.

Photo 17-05-2013 13 01 48

I’m in a dilemma about what to say about the cake. If I’m honest, it was the most disappointing thing we tasted all day. Sorry Lorraine. We love your books and we so wanted to love the shop. But the cake were disappointingly dry. Oh well, on we went in search of more sugar..

Next stop Ladureé. This is the ultimate in French macarons in London.

laduree2 Photo 17-05-2013 12 58 37 laduree3

They’ve been making macarons since 1862 and boy, do they do it well. These little jewels are so beautiful and a sight to behold. Their iconic packaging makes us love them all the more. The perfect mixture of crispy outer shell and soft, slightly chewy centre. A must visit.

Next we stopped at Ben’s Cookies. Try a Ben’s Cookie. I promise your life will be a bit better for it. We ate our peanut butter, chocolate and orange and oat cookies with chocolate on our chin and loved every minute.

Ben's Cookies - Cupcake Tour of London

Time for a quick stop for lunch. The Crusting Pipe is a little pub, right in the heart of Covent Garden and surprisingly un-touristy.

The Crusting Pipe
27 The Market, Covent Garden, WC2E 8RD
Tel: 020 7836 1415

crusting pip3

We had a lovely lunch and rested our feet for a while. We sat in the courtyard whilst listening to the performers and discussing our cake exploits so far.

Back soon with our third and final installment of our cupcakes and bakes tour of London.

Have you been to any of the places we visited? What did you think of them? What’s your favourite cake spot?

Sarah x


Thanks to Pinterest and the venue sites for a couple of the photos above.



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