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We’re taking part in a blogging course at the moment, called Blogging Your Way Boot Camp with the awe inspiring Holly Becker of Decor8. If you haven’t heard of her, have a look. Her blog is beautiful and receives a whopping 35,000 hits a day. 35,000 People can’t be wrong ‘eh?!

We’d really like to use our blog to share with you what’s going on here at Blue Door Bakery Studio and be able to interact with you a bit more. We love Facebook dearly, but there’s just not enough space to share everything we’d like to and Twitter is brilliant but sometimes messages get missed as it’s so fast paced.

Your feedback when we chat to you in classes and in our questionnaires that we send out after classes is so brilliant. It lets us know how we’re doing and what we should and could be doing in the future. We’re working on loads of new courses for 2013 and they’ve all been shaped from your feedback, to teach you exactly what you want to learn in the coming year.

We’re conscious that if you’re visiting us for a cake class, you’re spending a chunk of hard earned money. We want our blog to be a place that gives you confidence that we’re the right choice for your class because we’re absolute experts not only teaching cake decorating, but giving you an amazing day out!

So, we’re getting some top tips from Holly on how to be a better blogger and hopefully we can make this a really useful place for us to become chums!

In the meantime, here are some of OUR favourite baking blogs..

The cake pop queen.

Brilliant writing, brilliant recipes.

Brilliant British baking blogger.

Great recipes with show stopping food photography.

We want to bake everything on this site. Immediately!

Do you read baking or cake decorating blogs? Which are your favourites? What would YOU like to see from us here?

Sarah x



8 Responses to Baking, Blogging and Boot Camp

    • Hi Sarah, I’ve loved your blog right from the very beginning! I love your writing, the variety and the fact that it always feels personal to you, with a bit of Ted and your life etc. I’d really recommend the Decor8 course. It’s so well laid out and planned. I’m sure you already do most of it, but it is inspiring.

    • Hi Vicky, thanks. We will be posting more! I promise! What would you like to see? Thanks for the blog recommendation, will have a look.

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