What to do when you have Sickness in a Working Kitchen.

It is that complete nightmare scenario that every cake maker and decorator dreads. What happens if I’m ill when I have orders to make? What is classed as a problem illness? The FSA regulations state that “you must exclude any person from food handling duties and food handling areas if they have an infection of […]

Tutorial – Pinwheel Cupcakes

The warm weather is finally here! And what better way to celebrate than with some wonderfully summery pinwheel cupcakes. These pinwheels are fully edible and brighten up any cupcake. Perfect for baby showers, Christenings, dessert tables and summer parties. What you’ll need… 1 x BDB Polkadot Edible Icing Sheet 1 x BDB Ditsy Vintage Floral […]

The Ultimate Lemon Cake

Cake Club has come around once a month for the past year or so, which means 1 afternoon’s work devoted to creating something delicious for the lovely clubbers. I know, I know, we live a hard life at BDB. This month I decided a lemon cake was in order. But no ordinary lemon cake. The […]