[BDB News] It’s our birthday!

The studio is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday this week! Thanks so much to all of you who have supported my little business when I was teaching at home and now here at the studio. We love having you as part of the family and are really grateful and humbled that you choose to spend your […]

[BDB News] Win a Year’s Supply of Vanilla!

Some things in life are certain. Night follows day, every cloud has a silver lining and films are always better when they have Bradley Cooper in. Another thing we’re certain of, is the huge difference that using brilliant vanilla extract makes to your cakes. Vanilla essence is a synthetic, chemical vanilla flavour and vanilla extract […]

[BDB News] A Cupcake Tour of London – Part 2

Looking for the start of the tour? It’s right over here: [BDB News] Cupcake Tour of London – Part 1. After Choccywoccydoodah, we hadn’t quite had our fill of chocolate. We popped over to Paul A. Young. Some of us have been doing a chocolatier course, so it was a total treat to indulge and be […]