Tuesday Tutorial – Charlie the Spring Chick

We thought we’d continue the Spring theme this week, in the hope that the sun might come to stay some time soon! Not to mention, Lenny the Lamb needs a little company, so meet Charlie the Spring Chick! What you’ll need… Pre-coloured Orange Sugarpaste (Or coloured with Tangerine/Apricot Gel) Pre-coloured Yellow Sugarpaste (Or coloured with […]

Glittergate – All you need to know about “edible” glitter

After a contestant on one of our favourites programs, The Great British Bake Off, brought to light the dilemma of whether a glitter used to decorate cupcakes was truly edible, the cake world has descended into chaos and confusion! So we thought we’d shed a little light on the matter and try to clear up […]

Tuesday Tutorial – Lenny the Spring Lamb

With the erratic weather of late we thought we’d encourage Spring to take a stand and get the sun shining with our very own Lenny the Spring Lamb! Lenny’s very simple to make and will most certainly steal the heart of anyone he meets. What you’ll need… Black Pre-Coloured Sugarpaste White Sugarpaste Liquorice Edible Ink […]