Tuesday Tutorial – The Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal

This week our blog aims to raise awareness for a fantastic cause, as well as showing you a few tips and tricks in the cupcake department! We’ll be demonstrating how to make a beautiful sugar paste daffodil in dedication to The Great Daffodil Appeal, run by Marie Curie Cancer Care. “Each March, the Great Daffodil […]

Tuesday Tutorial – Making a Piping Bag

This is a great little trick to learn just in case you run out of piping bags… or you just want to show off your amazing cupcake knowledge and skill! Great for royal icing piping and other delicate details. What you’ll need… Greaseproof Paper Scissors Stapler Nozzle 1. Take a section of greaseproof paper and […]

Tuesday Tutorial – Lemon & Sugar Cupcakes

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! We hope you’ve had a lovely day and have all been spoilt rotten, but we’re already thinking about another of our favourite days…. Pancake Day! So why not use our zingy but sweet lemon and sugar cupcake recipe to bring something new to the table next week. Lemon & Sugar Cupcakes […]