Strawberries & Cream Cupcake Tutorial

Is there anything quite like an English strawberry in summer time? We can’t think of any better way to celebrate summer being here. If it’s raining, who cares, let’s stay happy with strawberries – hurrah!

Wimbledon Cupcakes - Strawberries & Cream

Strawberries & Cream Cupcakes

What you’ll need…

  • Florist paste
  • Sugarpaste
  • Pre-coloured red sugarpaste, mixed with a little CMC (optional)
  • CMC
  • Ivory, Holly and Party Green Sugarflair Gel Colour (Plus Christmas Red if not using pre-colored paste)
  • Non-stick rolling mat
  • Rolling pin
  • Foam drying pad
  • Quilt embosser
  • Round cutter set (3rd & 6th smallest)
  • Daisy cutter set
  • Leaf cutter set
  • Tbsp measuring spoons or soup spoons
  • Tool set (ball and cone tool)
  • Cocktail stick
  • Edible Glue
  • Cornflour
  • Royal icing
  • Cupcakes
  • Buttercream

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White Bowls

To make your bowls dust deep round measuring tablespoons or soup spoons with cornflour. Then roll out white sugarpaste until thin. Cut out circles with the 3rd smallest round cutter in the set and gently press into your spoon, using a ball tool to avoid nail prints and tearing your paste. Leave to dry for an hour, then turn out (upside down) onto a drying pad and leave overnight to dry.

Wimbledon Cupcakes - White Bowls

Wimbledon Cupcakes – White Bowls

Hamper Toppers

What better way to display your strawberries and cream than on a hamper-style topper? Colour sugarpaste with Ivory Gel Colour, then roll out to about 5mm thick. Cut out rounds that are just a bit smaller than the top of your cupcake – we used the 6th smallest round cutter. Quickly, before they dry, emboss with your quilt embosser, aiming to get a really even pattern. Leave to dry flat overnight.

Wimbledon Cupcakes - Hamper Toppers

Wimbledon Cupcakes – Hamper Toppers


Always use pre-coloured sugarpaste for red modelling if you can get your hands on some – it gives your poor stained hands a break and, when colouring yourself, the amount of gel you need can change the consistency of the paste. If colouring by hand try to leave it to dry a little before modelling. Add a little CMC. Now make strawberries in 2 different sizes. For the smaller, use a bit of paste about the size of a pea. Roll into a ball, then gently roll one side of the ball with 1 finger, into a cone shape, leaving 1 bulbous side. For the larger strawberries, use a bit of paste about th size of a walnut. Prick ‘seeds’ with a cocktail stick. Colour some sugarpaste green with a mixture of Holly Green and Party Green, then cut out daisies to glue onto the top of the strawberries. Make an indent in the top with a cone tool and a little green stalk. Cut out green leaves to finish, pinching the ends or shaping however you like. Leave to dry.

Wimbledon Cupcakes - Strawberries

Wimbledon Cupcakes – Strawberries

Assembling your Toppers

Once all your bits are dry, we need to put them together! Glue bowls onto toppers and add 3 mini strawberries to each one, gluing to keep them sturdy. Glue larger strawberries and leaves straight to your other toppers. Make up some royal icing – you want it ‘soft peak’ or ‘flooding’ consistency so it’s stiff enough to stick to your models and stay white, rather than go transparent, but it won’t leave you with peaks – it’ll seductively and slowly run down your strawbs! Then drizzle with a spoon without a care, making sure not all of it goes in the bowl… Leave to dry.

Wimbledon Cupcakes - Assembling you Toppers

Wimbledon Cupcakes – Assembling you Toppers

Finishing Off

Colour buttercream with Holly Green and Party Green (you’ll need a generous amount!) and pipe onto your cakes with a grass nozzle – hold the nozzle vertically above the cake in one spot. Squeeze, then stop and pull away to create (very un-Wimbledon-like) unruly grass. Repeat all over the top of the cakes.

Wimbledon Cupcakes - Grass

Wimbledon Cupcakes – Grass

While your ‘grass’ is still wet, gently press your toppers into place. Perfect.

Wimbledon Cupcakes - Strawberries & Cream

Wimbledon Cupcakes – Strawberries & Cream


Jenny and Dani x



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  1. Nothing better than strawberries and cream for that Summer feel. Weathers not great outside but inside presented with these and a cup of hot tea, what could be better.

    Thanks Blue Door – great tutorial

    Beachcomber Cakes Ltd & The Rocpool (School of Baking) Ltd

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