Tuesday Tutorial – Fabulous Cupcake Flags

Want to add a bit of vintage glamour to your cupcakes? Follow our cupcake flag tutorial to make your cupcakes the talk of the tea party!

The most sort after style for wedding cupcakes in the last few years (and no doubt years to come), has been vintage. So we thought we’d show you how we make our flags, specially designed to add that vintage shabby chic touch to your cupcakes.

What you’ll need.

Blue Door Bakery cupcake flag template (Download here)
Cocktail sticks
Card suitable for printing (we’ve used cream coloured)
Craft glue
Ribbon or ready-tied bows

1. Download the BDB cupcake flag template and print out on your card.

2. Once done carefully cut out your flag shapes.

3. Using a very small piece of sellotape, stick a cocktail stick to the back of your card so that the top is hidden (not poking over the top of your card!)

4. Tie your ribbon in bows or buy ready tied bows for a few pence from your local wool/craft shop (we love our local wool shop, Stepalong in Wollaston, for all our crafty bits and pieces!)

5. Then, to finish your flag, dab a very small amount of glue to the pointier side of your card. Gently press a bow into place.

6. Use and reuse at dinner parties and weddings to make your cupcakes that little bit more fabulous than they were already!

Don’t forget to show us photos of you using your flags by posting them to our Facebook page, we’d love to see!

Jenny x



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