Tuesday Tutorial – Royal Crown Cupcake

This week we’re continuing the jubilee theme with a royal crown for her majesty! Its so simple to do and will look fantastic on your jubilee cupcakes.

What you’ll need…

Sugarpaste Coloured Yellow (either pre-coloured or using Egg Yellow Gel Colour)
Non Stick Smooth Rolling Mat
Rolling Pin
Angled Palette Knife
Star Cutters (Set of 3)
Edible Glue & Paintbrush
Gold Lustre Dust
Rejuventor Spirit
Sugar Pearls
Cupcake with Piped Swirl

1. Roll out your yellow sugarpaste and using your palette knife, cut a strip. Using a point of your largest star cutter cut out triangles from one side of your strip until you have roughly 7 points.

2. Then roll your strip round until the ends are touching. Glue together. Then pinch the points a little to shape them, but leaving enough on top for your sugar pearls to sit on.

3. While still fresh, glue a pearl to the end of each point, then adjust the shape if needs be and leave to dry.

4. Once dry, put some gold lustre dust in a bowl and add a little rejuventor spirit until it forms a “painting” consistency. Then paint your crown, being carfeul not to paint your pearls but covering as much of the yellow as possible.

5. Sit atop your royal cupcake and admire. How majestic!

Jenny x



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