Tuesday Tutorial – Pretty Christmas Parcel

There’s no denying it, Christmas is well and truly on its way and we couldn’t be more excited! So we’ve made a very cute little parcel to get us in the festive spirit (as though we needed any help!)

What you’ll need….

Sugar paste & 2 different gel colours or pre-coloured sugar paste (we used pre-coloured red sugar paste and Grape Violet gel colour mixed with sugar paste)
CMC powder
Bow cutter (we used the smallest in our set of 3)
Angled palette knife
Cocktail sticks
Edible glue
Non-stick smooth rolling mat
Non-stick rolling pin
Cupcake & buttercream
Edible glitter (we used white)

1. Firstly, we need to make our bow so it can dry out over night. So colour a little sugar paste if you’re not using pre-coloured and add some CMC powder until it starts to stiffen up (roughly 1tsp CMC powder to every 250g sugar paste).

2. Using your bow cutter (we’ve used the smallest one in our set of 3 for a really dinky present but you could make yours bigger if you liked!), make a bow… please CLICK HERE to see our Youtube video tutorial if you need a little help with this one!

3. Leave to dry over night.

N.B. Make sure you keep a little of this colour spare for the rest of your ribbon! Wrap tightly in cling film, leave in a cool dry place, and work until pliable before using.

4. Once your bow has dried out, colour another piece of sugar paste (with your second colour), once again adding some CMC powder.

5. Take a walnut sized piece from this and using both thumbs and fore-fingers, mould into a small square shape. You don’t need to be too precise about this as a lumpy present is always more enticing!

6. Take the sugar paste coloured the same as your bow and roll VERY thinly.

7. Using your angled palette knife, cut 2 thin lengths for the ribbon wrapping your present.

8. Apply a little edible glue in a cross over your parcel and gently lie your ribbons over the top, cutting off any excess at the under side.

9. Add a little more edible glue and delicately fix your bow in place.

10. Add to cupcake with a little glitter… Wow everybody!

We hope our first festive blog got you in the mood for wrapping presents and putting up the tree, but more importantly, making Christmas cupcakes! There’s more to come next week so keep your Santa hat on til then…

Jenny x



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