Tuesday Tutorial – Exhibiting at Wedding Fairs

Having experienced lots of wedding fairs, we thought we’d let you into a few insider secrets, tips and tricks to getting it right and where you can avoid going wrong. So here are our top ten tips to conquering the Wedding Fair!

1. If you have space give people more than one option – create two towers in different styles. This shows your versatility and helps people envision what you could make for them, rather than being limited to one style that may not immediately catch their eye.

2. Never give out the cupcakes you have on display, you’ll lose the “too good too eat” factor! This also gives you the opportunity to start preparing your cupcakes a little further in advance if you want to, as they won’t be eaten. As long as you have the room for them they’ll stay looking lovely for the big day!

3. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t have samples… you should! Do a tray bake of your cupcake recipe, and ice with a little buttercream. This doesn’t need to be perfect, they are samples after all, showing the customer what the product tastes like, the display is to show what they can look like.

4. Don’t display things you don’t want to make. If your style is swirls and sprinkles, don’t spend hours creating a tower of handmade sugar roses just to show you can – the chances are you’ll then have to make it again, when another bride would’ve been over the moon with your swirls and sprinkles!

5. Give people what they want. While you don’t want to display something you don’t want to make, its surprising how easily you can incorporate a currently popular colour or trend into your cakes. So its always a good idea to do a little research on what is popular at the moment (Facebook and Flickr are great for this). Its very easy to think up some amazing designs YOU know will look fantastic with your cupcake experience, but this isn’t always what people want.

6. Work out how much your towers would cost to the customer before you go. Include the cost of all ingredients and decorations, hours it would take you, and bring up stand hire, deposit, delivery etc. Its very easy to under-price yourself when you’re put on the spot!

7. Make the most of the space you have. Pop-up/Roller banners are great for making an impression. Have a good quality photo album or photos displayed-this doesn’t have to be hundreds of wedding towers, its just to show your versatility and help people imagine what you could make for them. Also have plenty of business cards and leaflets to give out that people can remember you by.

8. Following up on the contacts you’ve made. Venues usually keep a list of visitors so if you can get hold of this, send out friendly emails, just to remind them you’re there. And don’t be disheartened if no one books you on the day. They rarely do! They’re much more likely to contact you at a later date.

9. Make sure you’re organised. Prepare as much as you can in advance and give your self plenty of time to set up, particularly if you’re nervous. Talk to your fellow suppliers, a bit of networking can pay off in the long run!

10. Don’t be afraid to request a good position from the organisers. After you’ve spent so much time and money creating the most beautiful stand, you don’t want it all to be hidden behind a great big pillar! Its also a good idea to check out the venue of the fair before booking your place. Brides and grooms to be are more likely to go to a fair at a venue they’re thinking of booking (or have booked) so choose your event wisely!

We hope you’ve found our blog useful and would love to hear what you think on our Facebook page, as well as your wedding fair experiences.

Good luck if you’re exhibiting soon!

Jenny x



One Response to Tuesday Tutorial – Exhibiting at Wedding Fairs

  1. Hi to everyone at Blue Door Bakery,

    Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect to post your ‘Exhibiting at Wedding Fairs’ blog. You posted it July 10th and my first ever wedding fair was July 15th. I took on board most of your tips and the day was a success. I received an email the evening of the fair from a bride to be who said she had tasted one of my tray bake samples (as per your recommendation) and wanted me to quote for her wedding. Since then she has confirmed her order. I’ve also had several calls from other brides to be, asking me to quote for their wedding. Another recommendation was to contact the venue for a list of visitors. I contacted the venue organiser and she gave it to me without hesitation. Now I can send them a friendly email reminding them of me, and let them know that my website has gone live, which wasn’t at the time of the fair. One thing I did forget to do was price up each stand before the event and wished I did, as it is surprising how many people do ask. I will make sure I definitely do this before the next, which I’ve already booked for 16th September. I’ve already asked for a table plan of the next fair so I can request a good spot, again another one of your recommendations.
    I did some networking with other exhibitors and several advised me not to do too many fairs in the same location, as you tend to get the same visitors. My intention is to set up future fairs in different locations. At the end of the fair I gave my leftover tray bakes to my fellow exhibitors. Simply beautiful, a company who supply chair cover, sashes, centrepieces and cupcakes said she would recommend me to anyone that requests a large order of cupcakes. My Mother in law, who helped me out on the day, collected literature from every stand and asked them if they would mind us linking their details to our website, and vice versa. Many said they would without hesitation and others said they would be happy for me to contact them. To anyone who hasn’t done a fair before, or has, but thinks there was room for improvement, I highly recommend you follow Blue Door Bakery’s insider secrets, tips and tricks. Thanks again for your invaluable tips. Amanda Tye x

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