Tuesday Tutorial – Big Cupcake Batch Baking Tips!

One of the things our students tell us is most daunting is baking large batches of cakes, some having had bad experiences of being in the kitchen until the wee hours, followed by even more hours of cleaning up, and complete panic when it comes to setting up and displaying a cupcake tower. When you [...]

Tuesday Tutorial – Easter Basket Cupcake

Easter is fast approaching, which is a brilliant reason to get creative with our cupcakes! This week is the first of our Easter themed tutorials, to give you plenty of inspiration and time to plan what cakey treats you’ll be gifting! What you’ll need… Brown Sugar Paste (either pre-coloured or coloured with lots of Chestnut [...]

Tuesday Tutorial – The Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal

This week our blog aims to raise awareness for a fantastic cause, as well as showing you a few tips and tricks in the cupcake department! We’ll be demonstrating how to make a beautiful sugar paste daffodil in dedication to The Great Daffodil Appeal, run by Marie Curie Cancer Care. “Each March, the Great Daffodil [...]