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How are your resolutions going on day 17 of the new year? Holding fast we hope. If not, have a cake anyway, it makes every grey January day better. 

If you’re thinking of a career change for 2011, here’s some more inspiration for you. Today’s blog is from Sarah at Bake180, another new cupcake businesses who has had a helping hand from our Cupcake Business Workshops.




I had been baking for friends and family since April 2010 when I was getting more and more orders but needed help with the “business” side of things, so I booked in for the Blue Door Bakery class, which helped me immensely with sorting out my pricing as I had been a busy fool for too long to make it a business I needed to think of it in that way, it helped me think about my brand and the direction I wanted to go in, which wasn’t the same direction as Blue Door Bakery or other people at the class, however it just shows there are niches for everyone and what doesn’t work for one business is exactly what another business might really thrive in.


I enjoy doing smaller orders and fetes and events, I know for others they prefer larger orders and weddings predominately.  I love doing children’s parties, the fun novelty side of cupcakes which is where I am slightly different.


The workshop was a clear indicator into the requirements needed to run your business, what’s necessary to trade what isn’t. All in all it was an amazing day and I got to meet like minded people, some of which I keep in touch with and we see how each other is getting on.


Sarah 07599403600




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