September Baking Book Giveaway!

This month, for our regular book giveaway, you can win a copy of the new release Cake by the lovely Rachel Allen.

This is Rachel’s 9th cookbook, it includes gems such as Beetroot Brownies, White Chocolate and Macadamia cake, festive treats such as Caramel Yule Log and St Patrick’s Day Guinness Cake. YUM! Fancy winning the book and testing the recipes for us?

If you win the book, we’d love it if you could write us a little review of it, so we can share it with our blog followers. Simple.



To enter you need to do one or more of the following:

1. Comment below on this blog post, telling us what your baking personal best is, what you’ve baked that you are most proud of!

2. Click ‘Share’ on our Facebook post about this blog post to share it with your friends.

3. Comment on our Facebook post about this blog post, telling us something that you’re a bit scared of, that’s on your list of things to learn to bake.

For each of the above, you’ll receive an entry (you can enter in each of the 3 ways for 3 entries) and we’ll pick a winner on Thursday 13th September.

Good luck!




18 Responses to September Baking Book Giveaway!

  1. The cake I’m most proud of was my little sister’s birthday cake 3 years ago. I wanted to bake a basic sponge and cover it in fondant, cause I had a packet that needed using up. But my sister insisted it had to be a chocolate sponge.

    Because I’m extremely picky when it comes to chocolate cakes, I tried to convince her otherwise, but she wouldn’t budge. So I reluctantly googled a recipe.

    I covered it in yummy chocolate butter cream and then covered that with fondant icing, because it really needed using. None of use were sure about the combination, but it turned out wonderfully!

    Apparently her friends still talk about that cake 🙂

  2. I am most proud of my decorative, chocolate cupcakes, with swirly chocolate buttercream on top and filled with either jam or more chocolately buttercream (I’ve recently learnt to ice effectively with new Tala nozzles). But they look too beautiful to eat!

  3. My best thing is to make my own flakey pastry. I mix two types of fat together rub a quater of the mixture into the flour. Then I roll out the pastry add blobs of another quater of the fat mixture. fold it roll it out again and keep repeating until all the fat has gone. Then i do one more roll and fold. This is the way I was shown at school many years ago and it always gives me good results. Then with the pastry one of my best bakes is Eccles Cakes.

  4. I bake homemade potato cakes regularly. it’s a family tradition started by my great grandma. Now my kids, young men really!) love them.

  5. I’m only 12 and my proudest bake, that I made all by myself was my Devils Chocolate Cake. All my family tasted it and they said it was something that they might have at a restaurant!

  6. My family had a jubilee barbecue and I made the puddings, I made profiteroles, Viennese biscuits dipped in milk chocolate and especially for my dad, eccles cakes 🙂

    • Viennese biscuits Becky! What a blast from the past, I haven’t had one for years, something to add to my ‘to bake soon list’!

  7. Ooooh tough one! I made a rainbow cake a couple of weeks ago for my brother at a party. From the outside it looked all innocent then of course you cut it and the colours hit you! Everyone loved it and it has been my most photographed cake 🙂

    He is a radio 1 presenter and posted it on his fan page – he was flabbergasted when it got more ‘likes’ than anything he has posted for ages haha!

  8. My baking personal best was a set of cupcakes that I made to look like a bunch of flowers. They were incredibly fiddly to make & required lots of concentration & plenty of time & commitment to the cause! It involved cutting up LOADS of mini marshmallows, in half, to then dip the sticky side into some coloured sugar. These, once they were all done, would become the petals. Each cake had more than 30 petals & I did 12 cakes, so as you can imagine that took a while! After making all the petals I then had to arrange them on each cupcake. They were stuck into the icing & then I put a couple of liquorice torpedos in the middle so they looked a bit like the stamen. I then had a long green liquorice stick to act as the stems & voila, bunch of flowers done!! If I could post photos I would!

  9. i was asked by my daughter to make her a chocolate cheese cake as a birthday cake this year and i was quite chuffed with myself with it on how it turned it.

  10. I am particularly proud of my caramel profiteroles – they always go down a treat. As does my sticky toffee pudding
    I have just started to create pretty cupcakes as presents, but my piping bag technique needs some help and practice and also how to stop the cupcakes from becoming too dry too quickly. I’m sure that will come with practice 🙂

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