Piped Holly Wreath

Nearly there now! We’re so excited about Christmas here at BDB and will miss making our festive blogs each week, but we love our last one and hope you will too…

What you’ll need…

Cupcake, flat iced with buttercream
Buttercream coloured dark green (we used Sugarflair Gel Colour in Holly Green)
Piping bag
Wilton 1M nozzle
Non-Stick smart mat
Rolling pin
Ready coloured red & green sugarpaste (if colouring use Christmas Red and Holly Green Sugarflair Gel Colour)
Holly leaf plunger cutter
Sugar pearls

1. Firstly, roll 3 very small balls of red sugar paste to make your holly berries.

2. Then roll your green sugar paste thinly and cut out 2 holly pieces, using the plunger cutter to “vein” the leaf. Put these and the berries to one side to dry (preferably over night).

3. Cut a hole in the bottom of the piping bag, big enough to fit the 1M nozzle, and secure in place.

4. Put 2 or 3 spoonfuls of green buttercream into the bag, push down towards the nozzle end, keeping it as air-free as possible. Twist the top of the bag at the point where the buttercream begins.

5. Hold the piping bag at the twist between your thumb and forefinger. Now hold vertically over the cake, at the edge, and gently squeeze until the buttercream starts to come out. Almost immediately stop squeezing and pull away the piping bag. Continue to do this all around the edge of the cake until you reach the point you started at.

6. Before the buttercream dries add a few sugar pearls, just to the wreath.

7. Then add the 2 holly leaves, followed by the berries. Lovely!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from the Blue Door Bakery team, we really do hope its lovely!

Jenny x



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