New Year Cupcake Clock

In our last blog of the year we wave goodbye to a very eventful and enjoyable 2011 and say hello to an exciting 2012 with a fantastic cupcake companion… The New Year Clock!

We’re a fan of Martha Stewart’s book “Cupcakes” so thought we’d do our own version of her “New Year’s Clock Cupcakes”.

What you’ll need…

12 Cupcakes
White sugar paste
Black florist paste
Set of round metal cutters
Tappits Upper Case/Number Cutters (includes cutting template stick)
Non-stick smooth rolling pad
Foam drying pad
Rolling pin
Angled palette knife
Edible glue & paintbrush
Cocktail sticks
Edible glitter (we used silver)
Large cake board

1. Take your black florist paste and work it in your hands until soft and pliable (using a little Trex if necessary), then roll out very very thinly.

2. If you have one, cut out a strip of the paste using the template stick included with your Tappits (this gives the perfect size strip to cut out each number with your Tappits!). Then, placing the “1” over the paste, create a cross and push down firmly, wiggling the Tappit cutter to make sure you get a clean edge.

3. To remove the “1” from the cutter, quite firmly tap the end of the cutter against your rolling pin until the number comes loose. Carefully place the number on the foam drying pad and reshape if necessary. Continue to cut out all of the numbers until you have “1” to “12” and leave to dry. The numbers can be very fiddly so if you can, its best to use cocktail sticks to pick them up and reshape them.

4. Roll out your white sugar paste, leaving it quite thick for a smoother finish. Then cut out a circle using the circle cutter most similar in size to the top of your cupcakes.

5. Now, using your palette knife, put a small mound of buttercream in the centre of a cupcake, being careful not to push it too close to the edge of the cupcake or onto the case.

6. Gently pick up the circle of sugar paste and place it so that one portion of the side sits snugly into the inside of the cupcake case. Then slowly work around the edge of the paste, almost pulling back the edge to slot it inside the case. Gently tuck the last bit in and smooth all around the edge with a finger.

7. Add a very small amount of glue to the centre of the cupcake and add a number. Repeat until all 12 cupcakes are covered and have been paired with their number.

8. Place the cupcakes around the edge of the cake board and use either paper cut out or sugar paste dial hands (we rolled 2 pieces of our black florist paste into very long thin sausages – one slightly longer than the other)

9. As its New Year we added a little celebratory glitter to our clock cupcakes!

Thank you for joining us in our blogs, its been very lovely to have you! We hope you have a fantastic New Year party and an even better 2012!

Jenny x



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